Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 160.16

Dill shrugged. “Even if it wasn't, they're not going to tell us otherwise, are they?” He left the study and returned to the kitchen. Frederick was still in front of the television, this time watching Disney's Fantasia with Devious, Delirious and another two imps he hadn't come across before. One was wearing a sequinned leotard and the other a miniature muscle shirt. He was surprised. He hadn't realised imps were big on clothes, other than the filthy loincloths the original two wore for the sake of pockets.

Frederic looked round. “All right, Dill?”

“Yeah. Just taking a break.”

“Didn't realise golems needed breaks. I was always told they kept going until you told them otherwise.” He pointed at the screen where Micky Mouse was battling with a thousand broomsticks carrying water. “Bit like these fellows.”

“I'm an homunculus, not a golem. Independent thinking, remember?”

“Right.” Frederick scowled at a shushing imp. “Thanks for this telly, mate. I never realised how much I was missing with the basic channels. I could watch it all day and never get bored.”

Dill smiled. “You say that now...”

“It's true. I can finally let go of my old resentment.”

“About what?”

Disney. I always wanted to sue Disney on false advertising. In the eighties they used to advertise videos as 'own a film you can treasure for ever' and now they don't work. You can't even buy a VCR any more. I wanted them to refund the money I spent, or send me new editions.”

Fat chance of that.”

“Fat chance indeed. I bet he's rolling in his grave now.”

Just his body. His head's rolling in its cryogenically frozen jar.”

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