Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.03

Jasfoup looked up as Harold as Sefskapoi approached. He was busy with his replacement phone and held it up as they approached. “It's lost some of my contacts and part of my planning calendar. How am I supposed to know who to reap in the next week if it doesn't update properly?”

Sefskapoi clapped him on the shoulder. “You can connect to the cloud once you're back on your own turf.”

“If you say so.” Jasfoup still looked dubious but put his phone away. “I still don't know what happened to make the last one die. What if it happens again?”

“It probably will. They have built-in obsolescence, don't they? Like fridges and washing machines. It's not enough to tempt the consumer with the latest and best models because they probably can't afford it. Far better to make sure the machine they have lasts for a limited time.”

Harold scowled, remembering the old twin tub and spin dryer his mum still had. Not that she actually used it – she left the dirty laundry in the washing basket and just expected it to be done. Stinky, her imp, generally ordered a service wash at the launderette, service being to make a lower imp do the actual washing. “Sometimes, you can repair the things yourself.”

“Thus the rise of electronic components.” Sefskapoi smiled. “Utter misery at the touch of a button that doesn't work.”

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