Monday, November 4, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.04

“Figures.” Harold studied the nearby houses. “Where are these zombies, then?” He pointed at a house with an unkempt garden, where tulips were pushing through a wilderness of grass and brambles. A rough path had been cleared as far as the front door but free newspapers, leaflets and several charity donation request bags had been left on the other side of where the gate used to be, sodden with rain and mould despite the afternoon sunshine. The house itself looked untouched since the fifties, still with the original metal-framed windows designed to allow the free passage of heat and draughts. “I bet that's one of them. It looks as though someone died years ago and no-one found the body.”

“Yes and no.” Sefskapoi twisted his face into what Harold supposed was a rueful grin without the rue. “No, that's not the home of one of the zombies I want Jasfoup to take care of but it is the home of someone who died a while ago. Mrs Shaw is a ghost but she doesn't realise it. She still interacts with the outside world via letter. Cashes her pension. Pays her bills. It's a bit sad, really. The neighbours complain about the state of her garden but to her it's as perfect as it was when her husband was alive to tend it. She doesn't realise her body has been reduced to less than a skeleton in her bed.”

“Less than a skeleton?”

“She had a cat, which made more cats and a dog who ate part of her before dying itself.”

“Oh.” Harold grimaced. “Well, if you love your pets you wouldn't want to see them starve, I suppose.”

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