Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.05

“There's a theory that your spirit can pass into an animal when you die.”

“There is?” Harold could feel his brows furrow. “Sounds a bit unlikely. You're not referring to the karma thing, are you? Your life's deeds determine your next life's form?”

“I don't think so. There'd be an awful lot of maggots if there were.” Sefskapoi chuckled. “Maybe I'm thinking of something else. Wargs from Game of Thrones, maybe.”

Jasfoup tucked his phone away. “It would be a pretty shitty religion that dictated the migration of souls into animals and then denied animals had souls.”

“Good job we don't, then.” Sefskapoi pointed to the house next door to the dilapidated old-lady ghost. “It's that house, anyway. The one with the Volvo in the drive.”

“I brake for Ghosts?” Harold shook his head at the bumper sticker. “Very droll.”

“Not the best person to tailgate, then.” Jasfoup pointed at the dents on the back of the car. Looks like he's been rear-ended a time or two.”

“He's not the only one.” Harold followed Sefskapoi past the car to the house, past the front door and around the back. “I left the back door open,” the demon explained. “He's not going to answer the front door anytime soon.”

“Because he's a zombie?”

“Because I trapped him inside a pocket universe. Weren't you listening?”

“When? You never said anything about pocket universes. You said you'd trapped them inside a mirror.”

“Exactly. And what does a mirror show?”

“A reverse image of everything reflected in it.”

“Exactly. And nothing that isn't. Hence a pocket universe.”

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