Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.08

He remembered about the mirror. It was attached to a plastic wall cabinet of the sort made popular in the seventies. He'd seen enough of them in the years he'd run a sprawling, second-hand furniture store. You couldn't give them away then, although thanks to the television programs like Back In Style and Skip Chic they were worth a small fortune now. If only he'd known about the explosion in upcycling that was to come, he'd never have given up his furniture business.

It was still a shock to see the old woman in the mirror when there wasn't one in the bathroom. She was mouthing words at him but he'd aways been a bit rubbish with lip reading, even though his mum like the television at volumes a metal band would have trouble with. He frowned as he tried to make out the words. Something about calling the police?

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