Monday, November 11, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.09

He turned again, just to make sure she wasn't in the room. In the mirror, the bathroom was smeared with blood, excrement and what looked like loops of intestines but in the real world (assuming the one he was currently inhabiting could be considered real) Harold was relieved to find the clinical cleanliness of a lady who was either habitually clean or else had someone pop in to do it for her. She was still trying to warn him about something but he could see the flicker of demonic possession behind her eyes. He looked to Sefkapoi and Jasfoup. “How do you get her out?”

“Carefully.” The Spallish demon pulled out a portable pentagram, unfolding and stretching it like a photoshop layer until it covered the bathroom floor, then put the mirror in the middle. “Stand well back.”

Harold vacated the room for the hallway. Jasfoup raised an eyebrow but seemed otherwise undisturbed by the proceedings. He leaned forward to murmur in Harold's ear. “Brace yourself, old son.”

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