Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.15

“Yes. Almost museum grade.” Sefskapoi licked his pale, flabby lips. “Do I detect a hint of avarice?”

“More than a hint.” Harold crossed to the back bedroom and looked out of the window. The garden below was built on a split level, with the further half raised from the near half by several feet and laid to turf. Steps from the nearer half led down to what must be the shelter. “Is it intact?”

“It doesn't have the original insides.” Sefskapoi scratched at his neck where he appeared to be developing some pustules. A hint of smallpox, perhaps, or a more modern disease he was cultivating for the Angel of Pestilence. “Her late husband converted it into a garden shed. It's where she keeps the cannabis now. Or did, rather.”

“Excellent.” Harold smiled. “Best we collect and destroy that before we have another displaced spirit on our hands.”

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