Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.17

“All right.” The imp scampered off and Harold amused himself by looking through the kitchen cupboards, or at least the ones Jasfoup and Sefskapoi hadn't already emptied of sugary foods. He was surprised to find a set of flawless Denby tableware from the seventies. He remembered his mum having the exact same design and it took him back to his childhood for a few moments.

“Your mum had those.” Jasfoup picked up a squat, stoneware teacup. “It was all the rage, once. The trouble was, the tea went cold almost the moment you poured it.” He replaced the cup. “This is a whole house full of vintage stuff. It's almost a shame you're not in the furniture business anymore.”

“It is, isn't it?” Harold closed the cupboard and admired a set of drinking glasses made from upcycled wine bottles. People used to recycle differently in those days.”

“Hippies.” Jasfoup sniffed. Quit what he had against the movement was beyond Harold, though he suspected it was something to do with the whole concept of just getting along with people that got his goat. The more harmony there was in the world, the less guilt there was, and less guilt meant less opportunities for contracts.

“Here you go, sir.” Devious reappeared with an armful of shirts. One was obviously a blouse with a scalloped neck and Harold discarded that. It left him with either a plain white man's shirt or a seventies style paisley print with a collar wider than his jacket.

Jasfoup nodded at his choice. “Retro suits you.”

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