Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.19

“That's horrible.” Harold shook his head. “You caused the death of an innocent young man.”

“No. Not really. I just fulfilled his contract. The rest of it was entirely up to him.”

“What do you mean, fulfilled his contract? Did he summon you in order to have his grades improved?”

“More or less. He wanted better grades, I gave him the ability to retain any information he deemed important. It's not my fault he began forgetting people's names or how to behave in social situations. I left it entirely up to him to decide what information was important.”

“You made him arrogant?”

“He was already arrogant. His choices made him appear more so.”

“I liked him. We got on very well.”

“Only because you never saw each other. He was the one person who didn't bully you or call you 'Oliver'.”

“True, but we used to talk.” Harold frowned. “We'd nod to each other in the corridors, at least.”

“Anyway, look on the bright side. The void left by his death enabled you to get Professor Delaney in your final year. If Scully Peabright had still been alive he'd have got the place instead, and without Delaney's influence you might not even scraped a third, let alone the very respectable two-one you left with.”

“I got a first.”

“Ha. Yes. Of course you did.” Jasfoup gave him a stage wink.

“You mean I didn't?” Harold leaned back against the counter top. “I was so proud of myself. I worked so hard during my fourth year.”

“Yes, that's rather the point, isn't it? You were on a three-year degree course.”

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