Monday, November 25, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.23

Harold considered the prospect. He hadn't had the experience either of being displaced from his own body or of being possessed, so how could he make a judgement call like that? “You're right,” he said at last. “I'm not in a position to criticise. Legion didn't mind the pigs, after all, though why they all ran off the cliff in the story is something I could never understand.”

“What I could never understand is why Iesu didn't get a bill for two thousand pigs?” Jasfoup replaced the lid of the compost bin and walked back to the house. “I mean, they arrested him on 'inciting insurrection' but they could easily have arrested him a year earlier on 'wilful destruction of livestock.'”

“There's the burden of proof, obviously.” Harold took three steps at a half-run to catch up. “In order to prove Iesu was responsible for the pigs' destruction you'd first have to admit he drove the demons out of Manoach into the swine, and once you've admitted that you then have to admit he had power over them which leads to him being the son of God. Once you admit that then ipso facto he becomes ruler of the world.” Harold darted ahead of Jasfoup into the kitchen. “Better to deny the existence of the miracle and reject the pig owner's claim for compensation.”

“His pigs, his problem?” Jasfoup raised an eyebrow. “Makes sense.”

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