Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 161.24

“Doesn't it just.” Harold grabbed a packet of Lincoln biscuits from Devious and clipped him over the ear. The imp had only just opened them and there was just over half a pack left. He offered the packet to Jasfoup, who took three. “I still don't understand why they all ran off the cliff into the sea, though. If they were that desperate to return to Hell why not let Iesu drive them out himself?”

“To deny him the power?” Jasfoup munched a biscuit.

Sefskapoi was buttering a piece of thickly cut bread, heedless of the crumbs spilling over the clean floor. “To retain the illusion of free will?”

“Could be.” Harold nibbled on a biscuit. “Or alternately, perhaps Legion didn't mean to go haring over the cliff. Perhaps Iesu double crossed her and let her inhabit the pigs, only to drive them into the sea himself.”

“Makes sense.” Jasfoup shook his head. “And they call us devious.”

“Me too,” added the imp.

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