Friday, November 29, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 162.02

“She'll be dead to the world.” Jasfoup slipped inside and closed the door before the doctor could follow him through. He reappeared on the other side of the glass, his features distorted by the translucency effect. “Won't be a minute.”

“Well!” The doctor looked at Harold and Sefskapoi. If he was curious about the Timothy Spall look-alike in his dark glasses, he didn't show it. “I have to say I'm not happy with being treated like this.”

“He's just worried about his aunt. You know how it is.” Harold tried a disarming smile he'd seen illustrated in Coping magazine. If she's fallen asleep without her nightie on she'll be mortified to find the doctor waking her up. Better he does it, then if she still needs to see you she can make herself decent.”

“If you say so.” The doctor stepped back to look at the upstairs windows but tutted when he couldn't see anything. “This is highly irregular. I could almost believe you didn't want me to see the patient.”

“It's nothing to do with me.” Harold held up his hands. “I'm just the friend.”

“Talking of which.” Sefskapoi tapped his watch. “Time's getting on, old son.”

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