Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 162.04

“Ah. Here we go. We'll soon get this sorted out.” The doctor went to greet the two officers as they got out of their patrol car.

One of each gender, Harold was pleased to see. A woman for sympathy and compassionate manipulation and a man for threats and strongarming. Modern policing. At least it was a step-up from 'truncheon first ask questions later'. Whatever happened to the police officers on his childhood. Everyone used to like those. The local bobby when Harold was growing up had an open door policy and most of the kids thought of handing finds in to him before they would dream of keeping them. Everybody knew that if it was still in his lost property box in three months he'd return it to the finder. Harold had handed in several things over the years. An original WW2 gas mask (claimed by a man who had 'lost it while on a photo shoot') a five pound note, which was a fortune in those days and had been claimed by a lady who turned up at his door to give him sixpence and a fishing rod which had gone unclaimed and which Harold had sold for ten shillings.

Sefskapoi nodded toward the officers. “That'll be trouble.”

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