Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 162.08

“If all this is in order...” The female officer gave an upward nod toward the house. “Time's getting on. If we could just have a brief chat with Mrs. Fenshaw to establish she's not in any danger we'll be on our way.”

“Ah, of course.” Harold was torn between doing as she asked (didn't one always respect a police officer?*) and interrupting whatever it was Jasfoup was doing. Getting rid of the evidence, he hoped. “I' the door a knock, shall I?”

She gave him a terse smile. “If you would, sir.”

“Right.” A glance at the other officer revealed he had less patience than his colleague. Better not to push him any further. He seemed the sort more likely to arrest with extreme prejudice and ask questions later. He trotted up the step the the front door and gave the translucent glass panes a rap with his knuckles. When the door didn't open after ten seconds (counting 'one elephant, two elephant') he opened the letterbox and put his mouth the the gap. “I say, the police officers are rather insistent about talking to Mrs Fenshaw.”

*with the exception of DI White, naturally.

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