Friday, December 6, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 162.09

He paused, still squatting at the letterbox while he waited for an answer, He glanced back at the doctor and the two officers and gave them a tight smile and a raised eyebrow, attempting to convey 'just waiting for an answer, give me a minute.' Sefskapoi glanced up then returned to texting on his phone.

When he looked back through the letterbox a pair of res eyes stared back at him and he jumped. He should have been able to tell Jasfoup had returned from his cologne – the distinctive Dante's Expression d'Virtue – but he'd been so discomfited by the police he'd taken no notice. He stood, backing away from the door as he noticed the shadows behind the glass. Two shadows. He's brought the possessed Mrs Fenshaw downstairs. This would be interesting.

The male officer escorted the doctor up the steps just as the door opened. Jasfoup had replaced his dark glasses but stood to one side. “Here you go, Aunty. You just need to tell them you're all right.”

“I am.” Mrs Fenshaw stepped forward, dressed in a seventies-style nylon housecoat and supporting herself on a walking stick. She looked familiar, though Harold would swear he'd never met the old lady before.

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