Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 162.10

“You're Mrs Fenshaw?” The male officer frowned at Jasfoup, as if he expected some ruse, though what it could be Harold had no idea. They wanted her and here she was. Patently not a zombie, though. He wondered how Jasfoup had managed to patch up the body to look presentable. If Mrs Fenshaw looked anything like the last one. He shuddered. Perhaps this one was animated by a demon as well.

“I am.” The same phrase with a different inflection implied she wasn't just parroting the words. “I'm ever so sorry to have caused all this trouble. I was gone to the world until John have me a call.”

“Mrs Fenshaw?” The female officer took her arm and led her back inside the house. “Did you call for the doctor?”

“I did. I think I did, anyway. I rang the doctor because I couldn't find my tablets then I felt so sleepy I had to go and have a lie down. That was it. Once my head touched the pillow I was out like a light.”

“I'm going to have to ask the doctor to examine you, I'm afraid, just to make sure you haven't been coerced into coming out.”

“Examine me? Whatever for? I feel fine now I'm awake.”

“Nevertheless, once the police have been called out we can't leave again until we're sure you're going to be safe.”

“So I have to have the doctor's fingers up me?”

“On you, yes. I don't think anything invasive is called for.”

“That's all right then.” She shuffled back inside. “You have to promise not to go upstairs, mind. It's a bit of a mess up there. It looks like I killed someone in the bathroom.”

She laughed, and the two officers laughed with her.

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