Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 162.13

“Indeed.” Harold gazed at the now-closed door. The male officer stood before it as if on guard duty, and was obviously trying to stare them down. He gave a the man a nod and a smile and turned back to Sefskapoi. “So what now? Do we just wait for them to finish or what?”

“We could head to the third house if you like. It's only a ten minute walk.”

“I'd rather Jasfoup was with us. I don't feel confident about going off with a strange demon.”

“I'm not all that strange. Pretty run-of-the-mill in most regards. I don't even have the authority Jasfoup has. What made him so high and mighty, eh? Fast-tracked to success, that one. Chosen by Lucifer himself for the plumpest task in the last fifteen hundred years.”

“Oh? What was that then? He didn't tell me.”

“It is you, idiot.” Sefskapoi scowled, his brow creasing like a walnut bleached by the sun. “Are you sure you're Lucifer's get? I just don't see the resemblance.”

“Why? Do you want me to pull my trousers down?”

“Are you propositioning me?” The demon looked around. “Won't that policeman object?”

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