Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 162.14

“Oh yes? Are you sure you're not propositioning me? Only when people say 'Do you want to see what I've got in my trousers' it's not usually a tattoo they want to show me.”

“It's certainly not my John-Thomas, I can assure you.”

“Just as well with that funny look the police man's giving you. Someone you know?”

Harold looked again but was fairly certain he'd never come across the man before. It was difficult to tell. Police officers looked so ordinary out of uniform he could have met him a dozen times and never make the connection. “No, I don't. Anyway, I was referring to my birthmark.”

“Ah. Does it say '666' by any chance?”

“No. It's the Canaanite symbol for 'barak' *² on my bum cheek.”

“You want to show me your bum because a birthmark makes a loose explanation toward your claim of being the son of Lucifer?”

“Yes. No. I don't want to show you my bum, but I'm offering to do so to satisfy your curiosity. If you want proof of my claim to be the son of the Fallen Right Hand of Yahweh, all you have to do is ask my dad.”

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