Friday, December 13, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 162.16

Sefskapoi laughed. “I didn't mean you per se. just in general. All the evils of the world but be Lucifer's doing, or Satan's or anyone other than their own failing.”

“Everyone needs a scapegoat. Better that than blame themselves. You only have to look at a bad driver to see how much he blames other people. Even if there was nobody else on the road his accident would be the fault of the road planner, the builder, the manufacturer of the cat, the councilman who put the road sign ten feet too close to the bend...”

“Very true.” The demon glanced back toward the house. “So who do you blame for your lack of personality? Your mother?”

“Not at all. My personality is just fine the way it is.” Harold tapped him on the shoulder. “You just don't notice it because you're deficient in social skills.”

“Ha. Is that what you think?” Sefskapoi nodded toward the house. “Looks like the doctor is satisfied.”

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