Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 163.02

The winner being El, I presume.”

You presume correctly.” Jasfoup rapped on the front door. “An El made all his followers and called them the Elohim.”

The angels. Interesting. So their names generally end in 'iel' for 'son of El'.”

“Exactly.” Jasfoup squatted to peer through the letterbox. “Knock knock?” He waited a few seconds before straightening. “I can see the light from the television but nobody's answering. We'll have to break in, unless someone has a key.”

Nope.” Harold shook his head.

Sefskapoi shrugged. “I'll get us in.”

“How?” Jasfoup's eyebrows went up like knickers at a seminary. “I bet I can get in faster on my own than you can with the aid of an imp.”

Jasfoup clicked his fingers. “You're on.”

Sefskapoi glared at the freshly summoned Devious. “That was sneaky. You'll have to give me four seconds head start for that.”

“If you insist. Jasfoup sketched a bow on the welcome mat. “Harold can arbitrate.”

“Harold? He's totally in your pocket.”

“Can I help it if he's fascinated by what I keep in there?” Jasfoup winked. “Seriously, though, you'll be a fair judge, won't you Harold?”

“Right. I'm off.” Sefskapoi legged it around the side of the house. Jasfoup gave the imp an upward nod and Devious opened a gate through the front door. It was opened three seconds later by Sefskapoi with Devious tucked under his arm. “I win.”

Jasfoup spluttered indignation. “How did you get there so quickly?”

“The back door was open.”

“You couldn't have known that.”

“I did a little bit. I left it open when I was here this morning.”

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