Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 163.05

Sefskapoi stopped clicking his fingers. “That's right. There was a handy mirror in the living room but that's where the kid was and I thought it best not to let him see his mum in the mirror. Things like that do something funny to kids, you know?”

“That was a good call.” Harold frowned as he recalled something the demon had said earlier. “Was this the woman who wanted to go to the children's nursery?”

“That's right.” Sefskapoi pointed to the house phone which was blinking with recorded messages. “That's probably her works manager. Three messages. That'll be one to say she was late and they hope she was on her way, one to express concern about her health and one to tell her she's on report for not phoning in.”

“When all the while she'd dead in the bathroom with her four-year old kid watching TV in the next room.” Harold shook his head, wrapped in sadness for a life cut short by smoking bad weed. “What about the cat?”

“Cat?” Jasfoup raised his eyebrows.

“Yes. Sefskapoi said it looked like she'd eaten her cat. We'll have to dispose of it if we want to give the illusion of accidental death.”

“Already done.” Sefskapoi smiled and click-click-clicked. “I didn't want the lad finding it so I dumped the remains in the canal. If the fish don't eat it the acid content of the water will dissolve it to nothing.”

“You see very concerned for the boy's wellbeing.”

Sefskapoi looked uncomfortable.

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