Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 163.06

“We're related,” he admitted after some facial expressions that might have won him a guerning tournament. “Somewhere in his ancestry is a tiny bit of Sefskapoi.”

“You were intimate with his ancestor?”

“One or two of them, yes.” He shrugged. “I was an apprentice soultaker at the time and all apprentices have to work in each department to get an appreciation of all the hard work that goes into damning a soul for eternity.”

Jasfoup nodded thoughtfully. “You were an incubus?”

“Yes. I thought it would be all right. It was before I found out that demons could fall in love with human women.”

Harold looked at the pasty demon in a new light. “You fell in love?”

“I couldn't help it.” Sefskapoi flapped his arms. “I had to keep it a secret, obviously. Demons are forbidden to pursue relationships with mortals but when I found out she was pregnant I had to protect her.”

“You fathered a nephilim?”

“Yes.” He gazed at the boy on the sofa. “He's my great-great-great-grandson.”

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