Monday, December 30, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 163.10

“I mean cooking it.” Harold frowned. It used to be Julie who looked after all the cooking in the house, and if not Julie, Felicia. But with Julie dead and Felicia gone, the burden would be upon him for evermore, or at least until they could find a housekeeper or Lucy was old enough to cook for herself. His mouth dropped open. “Dear dog!”



“She's too young to work the oven.”

“No.” Harold shook his head. “I mean yes, she is, but I've left her at home all day. On her own.”

Sefskapoi raised an eyebrow. “And Lucy is?”

“My daughter. She's two and a half and far too young to be on her own.”

“She'd not on her own, though, is she?” Jasfoup regarded the lad in the living room. “She's got Molly and Frederick. Even Dill.”

“None of whom eat.”

“And the imps. And she knows enough to ask for food if she needs it.”

Harold nodded. “That's true enough.” He pulled out his mobile. “Let me just phone home, though, make sure she's all right.”

“We can go back as soon as we finish off Darren's mom.”

Excellent.” Harold set his mouth into a thin line. “Let's do her now.”

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