Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 163.11

He put the mobile away again and headed to the bathroom. “Is she in here?”

“Yes.” Sefskapoi followed him to the scrupulously clean room. So clean, in fact, than he suspected the demon and got the Marigolds and bleach out before he'd gone to find Jasfoup.

“I don't see her.” Harold scanned the room. There was a mirror in the bathroom cabinet but it reflected only himself and the bathroom as it stood now. There were no other mirrors in the room. “Are you sure she's in here?”

“Yes.” Sefskapoi produced a key and unlocked the bathroom cabinet. “I didn't want Darren coming in and finding her. He might have been upset.” The cabinet opened to reveal a small mirror of the type his mother used to have in her handbags, though they seemed less common than they used to be. The demon set it on the side of the bath, just behind the taps. There was the child's mother, crying.

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