Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 163.12

Harold looked at the mirror, a perfect reflection of the bathroom except for the addition of a crying woman. He glanced back at Jasfoup. “She doesn't look as bad as the last two.”

The demon stared at the weeper. “She's younger,” he said at last. “She didn't start out saggy. She took more pride in her appearance than the old ladies. Everything started off firm so it stays firm. She's lucky to have died so young. She'll look fabulous in her burial pictures.”

“Burial pictures?” Harold curled his lip. “Is that a thing now? Something you send from your phone? 'Hey! Look how great I look dead.”



“Good. You'd look good dead. Dead good, in fact.” Jasfoup pulled out his phone. “I bet there is a site for burial photographs. Mortician humour, maybe. The Victorians used to take pictures of their dead all the time.”

“The Victorians had such long exposures it was the only way to guarantee the picture wouldn't get motion blur.”

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