Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 165.01

“When it's my time I want to go out with a bang, not a whimper.” Harold pushed open the back door of the manor and shivered. The kitchen was cold and dark but for the glare of the television in the corner. At this time of night the kitchen should be a bustle of life and laughter as Julie cooked the tea and Felicia relaxed after a hard day sitting on her arse in the gallery.

“Assuming you're not taken out silently by a ninja assassin angel bent on revenge for the loss of the apocalypse.” Jasfoup flicked on the light. “Where is everybody.”

“We're watching Robin Hood.” Lucy appeared from beneath the table, where she'd made a den out of cushions and tablecloths. She waved a half-empty packet of crisps at him. “Dill got us a subscription to the movie channel.”

“That's nice of him.” Harold hoisted her to his hip and stole a crisp. “What have you had for tea?”


“Is that all?” Harold looked around. “Hasn't anybody given you some proper food?”

“No, Daddy. I did say I was hungry.”

“Sorry Harold.” Frederick stood. Harold could see the cowardly King John on the screen behind him/ “Nobody gave a thought about dinner. None of us eat, see.”

Harold pointed at an imp with a swollen belly. “Somebody obviously does.”

“Popcorn,” explained Frederick. “He went out with a pop.”

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