Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 165.02

You killed him?”

Good gracious, no. He was complaining about his stomach being too full and just passed out.”

“If you put your hands on his tummy you can feel all the bits of popcorn inside.” Lucy clenched and unclenched her free hand to demonstrate. “I wanted to jump on top of him but Uncle Fred said I mustn't do that or he might go bang and fill the room with popcorn. I like popcorn but I don't know if I want popcorn that's been inside an imp.”

I don't think I would either, darling.” Harold kissed her on the cheek. “Is mummy up yet?”

“No. It's not quite dark.”

“It's pretty dark. I had to put the light on.”

“Yes.” This seemed to be as much explanation as she felt he needed and began to rock against his hip. “Can we have Chinese?”

I don't see why not.” He lowered her to the floor. “Let me call Devious.”

Jasfoup picked up the kettle and took it to the sink to fill. “I thought you intended to cook for the family.”

I did.” Harold clicked his fingers to summon the imp. “Tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow.”

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