Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 165.04

“I didn't know there was a height restriction.”

“As the bishop said to the actress.” Jasfoup shook his head and moved to the cupboard. He began to extract bowls and plates ready for the meal, setting them out on the table along with chopsticks and a spoon for Lucy, who still thought chopsticks were single-pronged forks and became upset when she couldn't spear rice.

“Har-de-har.” Harold swapped the general tea pot for a delicate porcelain affair with tiny matching bowls and added a spoonful of Yu Long tea to the pot. It had taken Jasfoup several years to convert him from black tea to green with food, but now he found he enjoyed the delicate taste. If he'd been a leopard his spots would be willow-pattern blue, if he could pardon the confusion of cultures.

Devious reappeared before he'd even carried the pot to the table. The imp towed a bag larger than himself, filled with ceramic dishes of piping hot food.

“No cartons?”

“The Hong Kong Garden is a restaurant, not a take-away.” Devious began emptying his bag. “Let's just say a few of the patrons will be waiting a while for their meal.”

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