Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 165.05

Harold looked over the assorted dishes and made up a small bowl of food he was certain Lucy would ear. Rice, vegetable spring rolls,chicken satay (They'd worried she might be allergic to peanuts if she ate them in infance but had been relieved to find she wasn't. Harold put it down to plenty of fresh vegetables.) “Lucy? Come to the table, please.”

“I'm watching a film.”

“I'm sure Uncle Frederick will pause it for you while you eat.”

“Can't I eat in front of the television?”

“No, love, I'd rather you didn't. The table is for eating at.” It was something that Julie had always enforced when she was alive, a hangover from her years of blindness where familiarity meant safety.

“But you eat in front of the television. I've seen you.”

“Only snacks.” He could see Jasfoup sniggering even though the demon had turned his back. The rise and fall of his shoulders was a dead giveaway. “Dinner needs to be eaten at the table.”

“But I'm upset about Julie going away. Sitting at the table reminds me of her.”

“That's enough, Lucy.” Harold's harsh tone made her jump and for a moment he was sorry. He knew she was manipulating him with the skill of a teenager but didn't intend for it to work. “Come and sit at the table right this minute.” He used her own manipulation against her. “It's what Julie would have wanted.”

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