Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 165.08

Harold looked up to the ceiling, as if divine guidance could be found among the fly dust and trailing strands of spider's web. “You want what?”

“She wants gravy.” Devious pulled a two-pint Pyrex jug from the bottom of his sack. Despite having been on its side, it was full to the brim with piping hot beef gravy. Harold could smell the stock the chef had used. It was no broth made with a cube of concentrate but the real deal; lumps of meat and bone simmered for hours and served before the fat had a chance to congeal. “It's how Julie always serves it. Comfort food, to remind her not everything vanishes in the whirlwind of change.”

Jasfoup patted Harold's back. “You eat your chocolate crispies for the same reason.”

“Only because you can't get Puffa Puffa Rice with Sooty on the front any more.”

“Sooty?” Jasfoup frowned. “The puppet? You used to have one of those. Whatever happened to it?”

“I don't remember. It's might be in a box in Mum's attic, or I might have swapped it for something. Shame, really. It's be worth quite a bit these days.”

“Only if you could find a market for it. Where did you get it from?”

“Six box tops and a first class stamp. There used to be fantastic gifts to save for on the backs of cereal packets. I remember we got a Lego castle once for the tops from Weetabix packets. It was huge and a full model, too. Not like the cut-aways they make these days. It's cost a couple of hundred quid for that in today's market.”

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