Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 166.02

“Exactly why Hell was invented in the first place. Mortals didn't want to imagine the people they hated having the same afterlife as the ones they loved, so there had to be a separate place for them. Wish fulfilment takes over and we then get bad people having bad things happen to them. This then snowballs into 'degrees of badness' because you can't have someone realising that killing your neighbour because you want his house gets the same eternal damnation as stealing a loaf of bread because your children are starving.”

“Which is also why we started shipping people to Australia.” Harold grinned. “Murder someone? We'll hang you in public. Steal an apple? See if you can survive six months in the hold of a prison ship then suffer tedious television shows for the rest of your days.”

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