Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 166.07

Dill laughed, though without moving his mouth into the traditional expression of mirth it felt more sardonic than genuine. And not a little creepy. Harold almost expected Stephen King to pop out of the kitchen cupboard with the plot for another overly fat novel* “Obviously. Rich goes without saying.”

“But a rich man cannot pass through the eye of a needle.”

“No, but he can afford to have a bigger one made and besides, the doorman won't let the poor bloke through either because of the dress code.”

“True.” Jasfoup chuckled. “Still, the argument remains valid. Immortality will kill the free market and create a slave class of humans. Besides, what would you do after selling the first few kits? Do you honestly think you could keep the secret to yourself?

“No, with enough of a head start I can stay at the cutting edge of the market, keep bringing out new products, add-one for the original suits.”

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