Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 166.09

“No more than we are still Neanderthals.” Dill looked from Jasfoup to Harold. “This is evolution.”

“Evolution is natural selection favouring the most prehensile tail or the longest tongues. Evolution is favouring those better equipped for the job of surviving.”

“Which is precisely my point.”

“But golems are unnatural.”

“And so is everything a civilised human being does. Did the cavemen telecommute to the insurance office? I don't thing so. Man has relied increasingly on their tool use and what is a golem but another tool for man's use?”

“That was my point in the beginning.” Harold turned away to end the discussion. “We spent all that time dissembling another set of tools. There's no way you can convince us that a business making more of them is a good idea.”

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