Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 166.10

“Exclusivity, though. That's the key.”

“What is?”

Harold turned. Gillian had entered as silently as melting snow. Her cheeks were flushed pink despite the chill of the evening, a sure sign she'd recently fed. He didn't want to know what – or who – she'd fed upon. He often found himself jealous of her nightly trysts with her flock of willing participants. She always denied any emotional attachment to them (and he had to believe vampires were capable of emotion) but he's seen the looks on their faces in the past, the expressions of post-orgasmic raptures forever etched in his memory. “Hello, love. Dill was just explaining his plan to sell golems.”

“Why? Isn't that exactly what we're fighting against?”

“But think of the benefits to humanity.” Dill shook his head to disperse her argument. “Astronauts without–”

“It doesn't matter.” Gillian stepped forward until her face was an inch from his. “If I suspect for one minute you're going to make more golems I will personally dismember you and incinerate the pieces.”

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