Friday, January 31, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 166.12

“I was going more for the morphable features look.” Harold used a napkin to scrape up the remainder of rice and dumped it with the leftover cucumber, onion and lemons from what was supposed to be a salad. He scraped it all into the dish the Bombay potatoes had arrived in, though he couldn't remember eating any of them. Jasfoup was fond of spicy spuds. Going by mums experiments with the spider spirit, I thought a body made of play-dough would give Dill the maximum opportunity to make expressions to go with his words.” He frowned at the golem. “Obviously I was wrong.”

“Clearly.” Gillian turned her back to Dill and winked at her partner. “But it gives a whole new meaning to 'wiping the smile of someone's face.'”

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