Friday, February 14, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 168.03

That's not true, darling. Mummy and I feed you most of the time.”

Julie feeds me but she's dead now.”

“I know, and we're all very sorry about that, aren't we?”

What does dead mean?”” Harold looked around the room but there was no help there. The only person who might be in his bedroom would be Gillian, but the sun was up. He could call for Jasfoup but reassuring a child about the afterlife was best performed without the assistance of a demon. Probably. “Dead is when you don't have a body any longer.”

Like Uncle Freddie?”

Yes. Uncle Frederick, Freddie, is a ghost. He doesn't need his body any more so he's discarded it.”

So dead is when you're a ghost?”


Where's Julie then?”

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