Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 168.04

“Ah.” Harold sucked air between his teeth. The trouble with having a child was that she often asked difficult questions. He still hadn't found a satisfactory way of answering 'Where does mummy go during the day?'. She wasn't old enough to be told the truth, because telling her friends at the nursery her mother was a vampire would probably earn him a visit from social services, if he wasn't already due one from her telling the vicar 'My mummy sleeps all day because she works all night.' He tried to think of an answer not bogged down in theology. “Most ghosts have other places they'd rather go to.”

“Like the museum?” Julie had taken Lucy to the park museum several times.

“Yes.” Harold smiled in relief at the easy way out she'd offered him. “That sort of thing, but not necessarily the one in Laverstone. There are lots of museums she could visit.”

“And ghosts don't have to put money in the little box.” Lucy smiled happily and blew her kazoo.

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