Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 166.13

“I am interested in the amount of spirit that might be transferred with an extracted amount of mass, though.” Harold put his cup on the table and took a step closer to Dill. “Have you tried peeling a piece off yourself?”

“Er...” Dill took a step backwards. “Actually, we have. Sam was trying to separate his consciousness from mine and we thought to try that. Then we hit the problem of finding the sigils.”

“Right. So the obfuscation spell worked?”


“Excellent.” Harold peered at the the salt dough head as if it were an interesting stamp in a philatelist’s collection. “Did you try removing the eye to see if you can still see though it when it's detached from your body?”

“No, but it seems apparent that any amount of mass removed becomes inert, so the experiment is moot.”

“Hmm. That's rather a relief, actually. I was worried we'd end up with disembodied body parts all making individual lives for themselves.”

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