Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 167.02

“Enough to scare me half to death. Bed rest is supposed to be you keeping away from stress. What's the point of trying to recover when you're worriting over a case?”

“I'm not worriting.” He winced at the bastardisation. “This is a serious case. Thousands of pounds worth of damage. Hundreds of thousands, I shouldn't wonder. And now a fire in Hobb's Wood.”

“I saw that on the news last night.” Beryl stood at the bedroom window and regarded the street below, stirring her tea so slowly the spoon against the china sounded like nails down a blackboard. Did they even have blackboards these days? Or were the chalk boards. Or whiteboards with those markers that never wiped off properly? “They had to get engines from Wells and Salisbury to put it out. They reckon it was arson.”

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