Friday, February 7, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 167.05

White held a hand up in denial. “I wouldn't do that. I've learned my lesson.” He patted his stomach. “This has all got to go. All the fat and the sugar. Steamed greens and lean chicken from now on, I swear.” He put on his best Detective-inspector straight face. “You can trust me. I'm a policeman.”

Her laugh cracked his composure. “Get away with you. You've been trying that one on for the last twenty years. You're going to lose weight if it kills you, because if you don't it probably will.” She crossed the room and transferred his undrunk tea to the tray. “At least you've given up smoking.” She paused as she lifted the tray, balancing it on her ample hip. “You have given up smoking, haven't you? That's not something else you do behind the bike sheds with your constables?”

“No.” His expression showed the truth of it. “I haven't had a fag in eleven years. I don't know anyone on the force who still does, to be honest. It's actively discouraged these days.”

“I'm glad to hear it.” She bent to kiss his forehead, the cups sliding alarmingly on the tray. “Are you hungry?”

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