Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 167.06

White thought about it. There was a hollow feeling in the general area of his tummy but he wasn't ravenous. A little peckish, perhaps. “I could manage a little something. A cheese roll or a bacon muffin.”

“You'll have no such thing.” Beryl wagged a finger at him. “You can have cheese once a week and like it, bread on Saturdays and bacon on your birthday. You'll have to get used to plain cooking. They gave me a leaflet in the hospital about what to feed you to get you on the road to being healthy. Steamed vegetables and poached fish.”

He snorted. “Over my dead body.”

“Unfortunately, that's probably right.” She pursed her lips as she looked at him. He wouldn't have been surprised if there were tears in his eyes. “Like it or not, this heart attack was a wake-up call. Mend your ways or suffer the consequences'”

“I do have some good life assurance, you know.” He smiled. “And the pay out doubles if I die at work.”

“Don't you dare.” Beryl banged her fist on his chest. “I will not allow you to be so selfish that you leave me on my own.”

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