Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 168.11

And then you go to the museum?”

Maybe.” Harold wondered if he had any books about parenting at the shop. The one he'd been consulting, the Our Home Guide to Parenting had been published in 1885 and didn't mention anything about bringing up a child who was so deeply supernatural the the term 'little angel' was, horrifyingly, literally true. He'd had first-hand experience of the terror a full-blown angel promoted, and it was nothing compared to a young one born with a Knight of Hell acting as doula. The best advice it had to offer was to cite the nursery in a separate wing of the house, employ a full-time nanny and put the child's name down for boarding school soon after the Christening (which they hadn't had, for obvious reasons). “Not necessarily the museum, though. Sometimes they prefer to travel.”

And then do they haunt buses? Because I saw someone on the one-four-five who looked a bit odd and Julie said he didn't look all there.”

Possibly, though that may not be what she meant.” He put her down. Now be off with you. Daddy needs a shower.”

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