Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 169.03

“What's so clever about spending your whole life not working? Working is a means to provide the other necessities of life. Food, shelter, internet.”

“He didn't need any of that. He was content to do without. A true aesthete, happy to co-exist with nature and live off the land.”

“How can you live off the land without working? Farmers work harder than most, I've always thought. Green wellies don't grow on trees.”

“He lived off the land because he ate whatever he could gather. Nuts, berries and the food other people threw away.”

“He was a dumpster diver, you mean?”

“You could call him that. I called him a liberator of waste.”

“And he lived to a ripe old age, did he?”

“Not exactly. He caught salmonella from some undercooked chicken and died aged twenty-eight.”

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