Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 169.08

“There's no reason to believe we'll always be trapped in here. It's a matter of trust, obviously. One they trust us not to take over the world they'll return our autonomy and let us design a new body. Two, even. That'd be cool. It would be like old times again.”

“Old times how?” Sam sounded suspicious. “Old times like being stuck in a three dimensional world playing two dimensional games?”

“Well, yes. We had a good time together. I loved our flat, our life. I even loved our college, sort of. At least they gave us the freedom to build the best computer ever.”

“It's not, you know.”


“Orias. It's not the best computer ever.”

“Is this a Deep Thought reference?”

“Ha-ha. No. I've seen the best computer ever. Fastest processing with built-in decision tree.”

“Where was this? At the Robot Expo last year?”

“No, idiot. I mean me.”

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