Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 169.07

Sam made a dismissive sound, more of a whistle than anything coherent. “I thought we were supposed to be friends?”

Dill remembered the year and a half he and Sam had shared a flat and a console system. “We are. Best mates forever.”

“Then why have you sold me out for the sake of this Harold bloke, eh? He's not even our generation, just some old git who thinks he can control the world.”

“He saved our lives.”

“Did he? Did he really?” Sam whistled again. “What he did was suck us out of our bodies and into this abomination.” He raised a doughy hand. “I mean, what the fuck, eh?”

“It's the best he could do at the time.” Dill raised his other hand as if to compare them. “We'll design something better.”

“A do what with it? We're trapped here, remember?”

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