Monday, March 3, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 169.09

"I'd be a benevolent autocrat.”

“Would you? I've seen you play Armageddon, remember.”

“Of course I would. Once everybody was subjugated under the iron boot of Samanism there would be peace and prosperity for all. All the survivors, anyway.”

“And what of the dissenters? Would there be any room for them in your utopia.”

“Of course. There would still be places in the world that remained off the grid. Much of the Arctic, for example, or the deserts. They'd be welcome to move there and make a life without interference, away from the society I'd forged. I'd have to make sure they didn't take any action against me, of course, so I'd keep an eye on them with satellites.”

“The eye in the sky.”

“The eye with a gold membrane, maybe. I wouldn't see them suffer for lack of basic needs.”

“You'd set yourself up as a benevolent god, would you?”

“Sort of.” Sam managed to snort despite their lack of working nostrils. “As long as I received tribute.”

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