Monday, March 24, 2014

Dead Rite chapter 172.01

“Dill?” Harold pushed open the door to what used to be his study. It didn't open fully and he had to force his shoulder against it to make a gap big enough to squeeze through. Hardly surprising, when he got inside and established what had been blocking it. Piles of boxes of computer equipment, the packaging still fresh enough to smell of the pine trees that had died to make it. The room was a mass of computer bits and wires, large enough to fly a small camera through and call it a metropolis.

“Yes?” The golem peered out from behind a stack of servers, a soldering gun in one hand, a coil of wire in the other and half a dozen micro-USB jacks held between his lips. “What's up?”

Harold was speechless for a moment and stood gazing at the edifices of dark screens and circuit boards. The computer appeared to be running multiple systems at once. He could see a screen displaying the Apple logo and another with the familiar VGA of Windows 3.1. He hadn't seen Windows 3.1 since he was at school.

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